Friday, 21 December 2007

Is knowledge power?

Occasionally I will meet people who have become experts in their field. But they are far from happy. They jealously guard their knowledge like treasure, and expect huge reward for their skill. But they rarely get rewarded. Why?

Knowledge is power. But knowledge - like every other planetary thing must circulate. So knowledge - like water - will stagnate unless it flows. 

If you truly want to progress anywhere, you must raise the competency of those about you. I regularly see people stuck in technical jobs at the top of their pay band, because they refuse to teach others their skill. 

Don't be too protective of your skills. In this fast-changing world, they will soon be redundant. Make sure you are learning the next new things and moving on, rather than clinging to the familiar.

Be happy,


Sunday, 16 December 2007


Discovering truth is like searching a river bed. The more you thrash and struggle, the muddier the water will be. Simply be still. Let the mud settle, and all will become clear.

This is one of my favourite quotes from Chinese philosophy. And on an external level, it makes a lot of sense. But if you replace "be still" with "meditate", and it gives even more profound meaning.

The answers to all questions are within yourself. Not dictated by media, governments or religion.

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Be happy,


Monday, 3 December 2007

Oooh Stress

Everyone agrees that too much stress is bad for you. But what is stress, and how much is bad?

When we were cavemen, life was simpler. Something was either a threat or not. If it was a threat, we evolved reactions that were based around physical exertion. So when a threat was perceived, our hearts beat faster, and we prepared to either fight or run away. This action is perfectly natural and is a vital aid to our survival. Once the physical exertion was used up, the body returned to normal functioning.


In modern life, we get threatened in many other ways. Challenges are made on regular occasions, our hearts start to beat, our blood pressure raises for a sprint, our muscles tense.... but we cannot run away..... and as much as we would occasionally like to.... beating up our bosses/colleagues will not solve anything. So this tension does not go away. The nervous system is overloaded, the muscles fill with lactates and knot up, the immune system becomes inhibited, the respiratory system is not efficient, and digestion is poor.

So what is too much stress. Most people agree that the majority of modern stress is caused by change. One of the human needs is change - but it has to be the right amount. If you don't get enough change, you will become bored and stagnate. This will result in stress. If change is unplanned and hectic, once again you will be stressed. 

It's a balancing act, but recognising the symptoms is the first step to recovery:

  • Lack of sleep or unable to rest.
  • Irritability.
  • Poor memory.
  • Knotted or tense muscles.
  • Stomach pains.
  • Difficulty breathing/tight chest.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Sweating.
  • Headaches.
Then looking at your current situation and the level of change. Is there too much change.... or perhaps not enough?

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Be happy,


Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sudan Teacher - Teddygate

Can you believe the fuss being made over the naming of a teddy-bear? This primary school teacher is going to jail in Sudan, and people are calling for her execution in the streets.

Well, yes I can. You see this is not about a teddy bear. It's about beliefs. Beliefs are not real. They are like glasses that people wear to try to make sense of the world. A belief is formed by repetition of stimulus (i.e. if enough people around you talk about a magic purple rhino, you're going to start to believe it, unless you have more evidence that it is not there).

The trouble with some of these beliefs is that they are very fragile, and followers build their whole lives around them. So when someone comes along and challenges these beliefs, the believers are going to get confused and angry - particularly if that's how they earn their money. 

It's amazing how often I have seen people lose their cool, just because another person has said that they do not subscribe to their beliefs. This only proves to me that deep down, they know that these beliefs are wrong, but they cling to them for comfort and security. 

So, when someone has a go at you, and you feel your hackles rising, have a good think before opening your mouth... What belief is being challenged? Is this belief serving me well, or is it holding me back?

Be happy,