Sunday, 8 May 2011

Another Open Weekend at PSR

On the 7th and 8th of May, Parsonage Side Retreat once more opened it's doors and invited everyone over to share their knowledge and craft. PSR's second "Open Weekend" since inception promised to be broader in scope, bringing guests from far and wide (Estonia and Spain to name a few).

The breadth of skills on display was impressive, list of contributors - Rhonda Sexton (Bowen Technique), Beltran Melgar (Monroe Institute), Graham Nicholls (Out of Body Experiences), Kathleen Knecht (Bodytalk), Luciana Haill (EEG monitoring), Kimberley Lovell (Reiki Drumming), Ruth Brammal & Kath (Crystal Skulls), Tim Wheater (Healing Mantras), Angela Delglyn (Self maintenance for the physical body), Fran Bridle (Crystal Cave Meditation), Jenny Ann (Clairvoyance and Much More), Christoffer De Gralle (Moving Sound)... oh, and yours truly teaching Tai Chi and Evolution of Consciousness.

Despite the patchy weather, the field next door was packed with cars as PSR filled with people eager to broaden their knowledge and challenge their limitations. I managed to attend many of the lectures and practical demonstrations and was impressed with the professionalism and care that shone through. The first day drew to a close, and we were serenaded by "Second Nature", a quartet of musicians and sound healers (Look them up on Facebook - they are fantastic). I finally dragged myself - exhausted - to my bed after deep, deep conversations with Beltran, the Hemi-sync facilitator into the night.

I think I must have collected too much energy over the day, because I awoke very early in the morning, still fizzing. So I killed some time by practicing Tai Chi in the rear field. As the rest of the guests came out, there was more sharing and insights from the previous day's experiences, and we all became eager to discover what the new day would bring.

From what I saw, Sunday was more relaxed in focus, but the content was just as illuminating. I learned a great deal during my two days, and I found a common link with everyone I saw, and wove it into my lecture, talking about Tom Campbell's consciousness and reality model - MBT (My Big Theory On Everything).

I then had to get away soon after lunch, so I sadly missed the other lectures and the closing.  Given the events I did witness throughout the weekend, PSR is well on the way to consolidating a bright future as one of England's premier consciousness centres.