Tuesday, 29 July 2008

How do you think?

This is Jill Bolte. She is a neuroscientist, who experienced a stroke. Her experience is both inspiring and compelling. Be patient, it is an amazing lecture.

Meditation can access these states after much practice. Or you can contact places like the Monroe Institute to do their Gateway Experience. How you experience the world is very real. Your thoughts are things.

Change your mind, and you change the world.


Monday, 28 July 2008

Compare two Great Masters

First, we have Chen Zhenglei's sword form:

Then we have Chen Xiaowang's Sword form:

How can two people do the same movements in such a different manner, yet the core requirements and rules are never deviated from? This is the great diversity of martial arts. Interpretation is one of the greatest joys. Shakespearean actors announce the same lines, but with different emphasis - all based on who taught them, their intention and their life experience.

This is the true essence of Chinese martial arts. Everyone is different. We all have different body shapes, background, strengths and weaknesses. We bring our unique selves to improve, and we all absorb the training at different rates. 

A good teacher's students should not all look the same, for the teacher should taylor the training to the individual - shaping them without stifling them. However, when watching the student,  you should be able to clearly see who taught them. 

Be happy,


Thursday, 24 July 2008

Being young

A recent study in how the brain works has concluded that time travels slower for small children, and gradually speeds up as we get older.

The reason why this phenomena happens, is because as children, we are noticing everything as a new experience. When we do this, we have more dense or detail-filled memory. As we get older, things become a variation on what we already know to be correct, so we commit less and less to memory and therefore time travels faster in our retrospective experience of it. 

So what can we learn from this?
  • Always try to keep a sense of discovery.
  • Learn new things.
  • Do memorable things.
.... and time will lengthen like those long summers when you were a child.

Be happy,



How many times has something challenging happened, and you thought to yourself, "I knew that was going to happen."

Lot of times, I'll bet.

Yet how many times have you stopped and asked yourself why didn't I do something about it?

We all have a natural guardian. It sits in the back of our consciousness, and sometimes it shouts to us (like when a car shoots out of nowhere), and other times it whispers. And with all the noise and hustle of our daily life, it's hard to pay attention. 

The secret is to be still and relax. The more you rush and hustle, the more you are likely to be distracted from the inner wisdom that is always there. 



If you want to see rainbows, you have to put up with the rain.


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Good things

It's my birthday. 

21 again!!!

Getting older, and it's great. When I speak to my colleagues, they seem to resent getting older. But this is just not the case with me. I look forward to learning and knowing more and more.  

Sometimes I look back at where I was before I started all my Tai Chi and meditation, and can't believe how much better life is now. 

Be happy,