Saturday, 12 January 2008

The Blame Game

Interesting thing, blame. It's like violence in a rough pub on a Friday night. One person starts, then before you know it, everyone else is piling in. 

Here are some reasons why the blame game is played:
  • The false belief that punishment will prevent an accident from happening again. (Something we are taught as children.)
  • The false belief that you should be perfect all the time.
  • Inability to view your friends/colleagues as human beings.
  • Unwillingness to be part of the solution (lazy).
  • Fear of retribution (see first reason).
  • Inability to work out a solution (so I'll blame someone else).
From a business perspective, I cannot believe that anyone goes to work thinking "Today, I will bring the company (that I rely on to afford clothes, food and shelter) down from within." 

If you are able to rise above the tit-for-tat games that people play, you will find a remarkable transformation in the attitude of everyone around you. And when the excrement hits the fan, you will find them turning to you first. And that's what you want, because that's how you increase your value to your friends/family/work/employees. 

Be happy,