Monday, 28 July 2008

Compare two Great Masters

First, we have Chen Zhenglei's sword form:

Then we have Chen Xiaowang's Sword form:

How can two people do the same movements in such a different manner, yet the core requirements and rules are never deviated from? This is the great diversity of martial arts. Interpretation is one of the greatest joys. Shakespearean actors announce the same lines, but with different emphasis - all based on who taught them, their intention and their life experience.

This is the true essence of Chinese martial arts. Everyone is different. We all have different body shapes, background, strengths and weaknesses. We bring our unique selves to improve, and we all absorb the training at different rates. 

A good teacher's students should not all look the same, for the teacher should taylor the training to the individual - shaping them without stifling them. However, when watching the student,  you should be able to clearly see who taught them. 

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