Thursday, 22 January 2009

What's important

With the news full of the credit crunch, it really goes to show how little our media know about people.  Money, money, money...... hmmmm!

Is that really all we think about? Is that all we ought to be thinking about?

Why is the media is so down? Perhaps because the media is a soulless enterprise, dealing in commercial tittle-tattle and mindless celebrity. The poor fools who buy into the media lifestyle are down because they can no longer take solace in buying crap to fill the void in their lives.

Perhaps this is a time to discover what's important.....
  • Plasma screen televisions? 
  • Four-by-four bling cars?
  • Smart phones?
  • Must-have houses?
  • Granite kitchen work tops?
Or is it something else?

This credit crunch could be the best thing that has ever happened to us - if we let it. We can use this as a reason to stop living like mindless consumers.  We can finally lay the shopping and sh@gging mentality to rest and search for what is truly important.

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