Sunday, 24 May 2009

Martial Arts - A Journey of Discovery

I want to tell you a story about astronomy. Famous astronomers (Lovell and Pickering) had noticed that there was something that was affecting the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. They knew something was there, but on-one could find it. It became known as "Planet X".

Clyde Tombaugh was a research assistant working at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona US. His job was to look for planet x. He had no formal degrees, yet through hard work and perseverance, he discovered the planet "Pluto".

You can argue that he did not really discover anything. It was common knowledge that 'something' was affecting the movements of Uranus and Neptune. He merely uncovered what many knew was there.

If someone was to tell you that you have great hidden qualities, would you believe them? Would you believe them if they told you that you could be so much more than you are, and that all you needed to do is look in the right place?

This is the journey a martial artist undertakes - to uncover what - in the end - was always there to begin with.

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