Friday, 18 September 2009

Is the ground letting you down?

A sports surface's performance can be described in a number of measures:

Rolling resistance: How it stops a ball rolling. (i.e. a bowling alley versus a soccer pitch.)

Rebound resilience: How much it cushions to a blow (i.e. a concrete screed versus a crash mat.)

Grip: How rough the surface is so you can grip it (i.e. an ice rink versus astroturf)

The best martial arts flooring has good grip to prevent slips. It also should have moderate rebound resilience to reduce hammer on joints.

But no matter how good your flooring, if it is not kept clean, it will become slippery and dangerous. The Japanese know this very well, and keep their wooden floor dojos spotless.

If you go to China, the majority of their martial arts halls are carpeted so that they do not become slippery when dusty. I have lost count of the amount of times a good class has been undermined because the students can't keep their grip on the floor.

Fellow martial artists, join with me and insist that the floors we use are clean and safe. Don't give in to the excuses of your centre manager and ensure they are aware of the risks of classes on slippery floors.

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