Tuesday, 9 February 2010

You know you've been doing tai chi too long when...

  • All your shoes have extremely thin soles.
  • All of your casual trousers are loose-fitting "just in case".
  • You are afraid to open your car boot (trunk) at supermarkets, because you forgot to take your swords out after the last class.
  • When shaking hands with people you test their rooting.
  • When standing with people, you can't help lowering your centre of gravity below theirs.
  • People with one shoulder higher than the other really irritate you. And as for people with stoops..!
  • At the bus stop, you miss your bus because you were zoned out while attaining wuji.
  • Your significant other complains that if you rotate your lower dantien while watching a movie together one more time, it will be divorce!!!!
  • You go into a period of mourning when your favourite tai chi shoes are too worn to be useful.
  • All your clothes are black... or red .... or black and red..... or white.
  • Unlike everyone else, you really do know what your chinese symbol tattoos mean.
  • All your anecdotes start with "When I was in China...."
  • You have many silk kung fu suits... but the trousers are significantly more worn and faded than the jackets and no longer match.


Restita, Seattle Wushu Center said...

That's awesome, Rich! And let's not forget this one....when you get into someone's car and you adjust the seat just so you can properly put "spirit at the top of the head, sink the chest, and pluck up the back". LOL!

little river said...

hahahahahahaha! And when you try to teach all your relatives and friends. And kids!