Monday, 15 June 2009

The Monroe Institute - Start of Something Special

Earlier this year, I contacted The Monroe Institute, giving them my details and asking how I could support them. I had been buying and using their tools from the hemisync website for a long time, and was looking for a way to engage at a more personal level. Imagine my surprise and delight when I was asked to attend their retreat on the creation of a network of "Chapters" throughout the world.

When meeting the rest of the group, it was very clear that I was in the company of some truly exceptional and grounded people. After a brief introduction, we got right down to business. We discussed ideas and issues. Then we would adjourn for solo hemisync exercises to focus our energies and consciousness. Upon our return, the energy of the whole group dynamic would change, and we kept moving forward like this at an astonishing pace for the whole weekend.

It is my opinion that if the business community adopted the relaxed, creative, focused way of working that the hemisync process engendered, then ego would be put aside and people would work quickly and efficiently to build relationships, resolve problems and manifest the best for their customers. Time after time, I witnessed levels of physical, emotional and spiritual synergy that have surpassed any other environment I have experienced.

All I can say is.... when can I come back?

Visit their site to find out more -

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Anja Lysholm said...

I did Gateway last year and had such a wonderfull week. Really, really want to go back!

Did you read Bruce Moens books, by the way? I highly recommend them (so highly that I spend most of my time translating them into Danish and publishing them here in Denmark :-)). He writes a lot about the programs he did at TMI.