Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What is Hsingyiquan?

Hsing yi is a compact, effective internal martial art developed by Song dynasty General Yue Fei. It is a dynamic system involving moving forward and occupying the space of your opponent.

To strike, the practitioner pushes forward with his/her trailing leg and strikes before the leading foot hits the ground. This ensures that the landing of the front leg does not cushion the force of the strike.

Hsingyiquan forms are characterised by their linear movements and direct stepping. However, this 'direct' style disguises the 'soft' internal power that is the cornerstone of all internal styles (taijiquan, qigong, baguazhang and hsingyiquan).

The 5 elements of Hsingyiquan are as follows:

SplittingMetalLike an axe chopping up and over.
PoundingPàoFireExploding outward like a cannon while blocking.
DrillingZuānWaterDrilling forward horizontally like a geyser.
CrossingHéngEarthCrossing across the line of attack while turning over.
CrushingBēngWoodArrows constantly exploding forward.

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