Saturday, 4 October 2008

5 ways to cheer you up

We all need a little pick up. Here are a couple of little tricks that work for me:

1.  Wear your favourite clothes
It always cheers me up if I put on my favourite jumper. It feels comfortable and warm. Sometimes all you need to do is dress the part. It's like putting on a costume. If you dress happy, you will feel happier.

2. Cook something nice
In our modern microwave society, everything is super speed. Take your time to bake something nice like cookies, cakes or flapjacks. The whole house permeates with the scent of baking, which always makes things seem more cosy and welcoming. And don't forget to eat them. invite friends to your house, or give them away.

3. De-clutter and tidy up
Sometimes we can feel the weight of all our accumulated junk. Getting rid of all the superfluous stuff like catalogues, paid bills, marketing literature and magazines can really take some weight off your shoulders. Another good place to de-clutter is your car and your wallet or purse. 

4. Move your furniture around
 I know this sounds crazy, but changing the layout of your rooms, moving the furniture can really feel like a fresh start.

5. Sing or whistle
One of the funny things about going to China was the amount of spontaneous singing that went on. It was great. And it was a habit that I'm glad to bring back with me to England. Sing something great, something funny (monty python songs are excellent for this!!).

Be happy,


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