Sunday, 12 October 2008

Power - what is it?

There was a stone mason. He watched an army charge past, and said to himself.."It would be so great to be a powerful soldier - charging through the land."
Buddha (it's a buddhist story), heard his cry and suddenly the stonemason was astride a horse. It was fun for a while, then he soon became disillusioned. As he lined up for an inspection, he noticed the Emperor. And he found himself thinking "it's not good being a soldier. You have to take orders all the time. It would be much better if I was the Emperor. He has absolute power over all the kingdom.
Buddha heard the prayer, and suddenly the stonemason was the Emperor. And for a while, he was happy. Then one day, a great storm swept through the city, smashing everything in it's path, and once again, our stonemason was envious... "Oh how great it would be to be the wind - able to smash anything in it's path. No one can stop you."
And suddenly he was the wind. He had a great time, overturning carriages, uprooting trees. Until he ran into a mountain. No matter how hard he blew, he could not move the mountain. And before he could even say it, he became the mountain. 

"Finally, I am powerful," The mountain thought, "Nothing can move me. Not even the Emperor or the strongest winds"..... 
Suddenly he heard a noise. He followed the tap, tap, tapping down to a small stonemason, who was busy cutting away at foot of the mountain

Watch this vid:

One of the most powerful media magnates in the world (not a US citizen) wants the people of America to vote for a man.  And through actions like this, we can all see that he is frightened that the elections are not going his way.  
No matter how big a mountain you become, there will always be stonemasons able to cut you to size. This is a time for stonemasons (common voting people) everywhere to do the right thing. 

People of America, please use your vote wisely. The rest of the world is watching.

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