Thursday, 16 October 2008

Introduction to the Monroe Institute

If you could go anywhere in time and space (and beyond), where would you go? Who would you like to see? What questions would you like to have answered?

The Monroe Institute was founded by Robert Monroe - a sound engineer who started to have involuntary Out of Body Experiences (OBE's), following experiments in sound. 

He later mapped and categorised many altered states of consciousness, and developed tools to access these states. He conducted courses in how to access these states, and founded the Monroe Institute - a nonprofit educational research organisation dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness.

To this day, TMI offers courses in many different aspects of human development. TMI is not a cult, or a religious organisation. They merely provide to tools for you to explore your consciousness, and as a result, live your life more fully.

TMI embody the very best that the west has to offer in spiritual growth and personal discovery. Check them out.

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